Mission Statement

The mission of the Hope School Community is to provide

all students with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills by

creating a safe and nurturing environment to become responsible, successful, and

contributing citizens in a continually changing world.


Guiding Beliefs

We believe that all students can learn


Education will accommodate and support the diverse needs of students and adults as all people have unique talents and abilities.

Education enriches the quality of life and is the shared responsibility of home, school& community.

Schools prepare students to be creative thinkers, problem solvers and effective communicators.

Schools empower and encourage students to be responsible citizens and productive and collaborative workers.

Schools encourage life-long learning in a technological, changing world.

Schools must be safe, healthy, secure, nurturing learning environments which respond to changing educational needs.

All inter-action within the educational community must be conducted with dignity and mutual respect.

All students are provided a standards-driven learning environment utilizing differentiated instructional methods.

We, as a school community, are compelled to support our educational mission.