Our Staff

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Kaitlin Soccio Kaitlin.Soccio @ ScituateSchoolsRI.net

Office Staff

Maria Pagliarini Maria.Pagliarini @ ScituateSchoolsRI.net
Jamie Grissom Jamie.Grissom @ ScituateSchoolsRI.net


Janet Farrar Janet.Farrar @ ScituateSchoolsRI.net
Lisa Kelly-Guernon Lisa.Guernon @ ScituateSchoolsRI.net

Grade 1

Nancy Fraser Nancy.Fraser @ ScituateSchoolsRI.net
Kryslin Caldarone Kryslin.Caldarone @ ScituateSchoolsRI.net

Grade 2

Amanda O'Grady Amanda.OGrady @ ScituateSchoolsRI.net
Patti Bettez Patti.Bettez @ ScituateSchoolsRI.net

Grade 3

Paula DiLuglio, 3D Paula.DiLuglio @ ScituateSchoolsRI.net
Kelly Miguel Kelly.Miguel @ ScituateSchoolsRI.net

Grade 4

Jennifer Scucces Jennifer.Scucces @ ScituateSchoolsRI.net
Jaclyn Augustine Jaclyn.Augustine @ ScituateSchoolsRI.net

Grade 5

Kristen Pontarelli Kristen.Pontarelli @ ScituateSchoolsRI.net


Michele Herford Michele.Herford @ ScituateSchoolsRI.net

Remedial Reading

Cynthia Gould Cynthia.Gould @ ScituateSchoolsRI.net

General Music

Charlotte Ethier Charlotte.Ethier @ ScituateSchoolsRI.net


Stephanie Serdechny Stephanie.Serdechny @ ScituateSchoolsRI.net


Colleen McCann Colleen.McCann @ ScituateSchoolsRI.net

Occupational Therapists

Deb DeLuca Deb.DeLuca @ ScituateSchoolsRI.net

Physical Education

Peter Ceprano Peter.Ceprano @ ScituateSchoolsRI.net

Physical Therapists

Wendy Rodgers Wendy.Rodgers @ ScituateSchoolsRI.net
Joanne Harlow Joanne.Harlow @ ScituateSchoolsRI.net


Sheri Schiappa Sheri.Schiappa @ ScituateSchoolsRI.net

Social Worker


Michele Hamill Michele.Hamill @ ScituateSchoolsRI.net


Dina Colantonio Dina.Colantonio @ ScituateSchoolsRI.net
Terry Gallagher Terry.Gallagher @ ScituateSchoolsRI.net